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Storybook with create-react-app and Typescript

# generate a new app using create-react-app
yarn create react-app my-app --typescript
cd my-app

# install storybook cli
yarn add -D @storybook/cli

# initialize with storybook cli
yarn sb init

yarn sb init should not be called with the --type react flag. Without --type, the cli figures out the correct type on its own.

The correct type for an app created with create-react-app is react_scripts.

Check out the source code for available types.

Typescript module declarations are ignored

You can write custom type definitions for a module in .d.ts files, for example:

// some-name.d.ts

// my-module will have the type `any`
declare module "my-module";

// specify the exports
declare module "my-other-module" {
  export function foo(bar: number): string;

.d.ts files should be in the src directory.

With tsc, this file is included globally.

Starting with version 7 of ts-node, .d.ts files are not included automatically.

Injecting TS_NODE_FILES=true tells ts-node to include the files as well.

See here for more information.

Convert JSON to table type

The function json_populate_record can be used to cast a JSON object to a table type:

CREATE TABLE foo(bar int);

FROM    json_populate_record(NULL::foo, '{"bar": 42}')
| bar   |
| 42    |

This can also be used to insert into the table:

FROM   json_populate_record(NULL::foo, '{"bar": 42}')