About TIL@Cybertec

Today I learned is a concept we first came across when visiting https://til.hashrocket.com/. It is meant to be a collection of short posts about stuff, that we found out and that could be helpful to others.

We have taken this concept and re-created our own version using the Gatsby Static Site Generator, to achieve maximum performance (and even offline capability!), all in order to provide a great and simple user experience.

Content Automation

It shouldn't come as a surprise, that providing daily content is a hard and daunting task, so we chose a different approach: Instead of releasing all the posts at once we automated our deployment and proofreading process. Daily at 12:00 GMT+0 a GitHub Action searches through all the approved pull requests on our Content Repository, selects a random one and publishes it. This in turn also triggers our automated build and deployment process.